Q: Are you now or have you ever been Carlotta?
A: See the essay, "Carlotta and Me," in the Excerpt section of the site.
Q: Do you intend to write another Spraggue novel?
A: Never say never, but I doubt it. Spraggue is having a better life now that I've let him go. He's got a great villa in Italy with a wonderful wine cellar, a knockout girlfriend. Tell the truth, both of us are happier since Carlotta came along.
Q: Why did you make Carlotta a cab driver?
A: So that I'd have a legitmate right to bitch about Boston traffic. And no, I've never driven a cab here; I'd be suicidal after a week.
Q: Which of your books have been recorded as audio books?
A: Most of them are available in audio. See my Books page for more information.
Q: Will there be a Carlotta movie? TV show?
A: There have been a few close calls, some interest out in La-La Land, but nothing thus far in the works. I've always felt the Carlotta novels would translate well to the screen, but everytime we get close, obstacles loom. And I'm sorry to say that often the obstacle is the lack of attention given to stories featuring female leads.
Q: Can I get an autographed photo of Linda?
A: Thanks for asking, but no. I'm just not set up to do that yet and don't know that I ever will be.
Q: Can I send my books to Linda for an inscription?
A: Again, sorry. I love to inscribe books, but limit signing to public appearances.
Q: I have a great idea for a mystery. Should I send it to Linda?
A: Please don't. I appreciate the thought, but there are legal issues involved. And more importantly, I have a hard time finding the time to turn my own ideas into books.